Expositive Dissertation: see examples of texts, structure and our suggestions

Learn all about what is and how to build the structure of an expository dissertation.

Although the expository dissertation is always present in newsstands and various selective processes, many people do not know what it is or how to elaborate its structure.

It is common, for example, to have the confusion between the argumentative and expository text, so many candidates write the first as the statement asks the second.

The good news is that we have brought you a complete guide explaining what an expository dissertation and its structure are.

What is an expository dissertation

It will be easy to understand what expository text is, as the name itself already explains and defines. Let’s also use the concepts of online dictionary

Dissertation: Make an oral or written presentation on a topic in an organized and complete way.

Exposure: Which describes something.

Did you see how easy it was to answer what is an expository dissertation? It is a written presentation on a particular topic in an organized and complete way for the purpose of describing and presenting information.

Now that we have fulfilled the first promise of explaining what it is, let us also honor the second one: How to make an expository text.

How to make an expository text

Here the goal will not be to convince the reader about a certain point of view. There is no divergence of ideas! As already said, the purpose is to inform, describe, make an exposition of something.

If you are in the position of candidate to write this textual genre, do not produce a text for the evaluator to agree with you, but for him to consider it coherent and informative. Understood? If so, then we can talk about the structure now.

The structure of the expository dissertation

Any and all forms of manifestation of speech produced by speakers in a particular social sphere of language use. Given its social character, the genre is a form codified historically by a certain culture, aiming the communication between its members.

The textual genre is the structure and the peculiarities of approach of a certain category of text. Recipes, for example, have a common structure, such as crafts, letters, e-mails, and so on. are all textual genres.

The question is: What is the structure of the expository dissertation?

With respect to the introduction and conclusion, it is advisable to make only one paragraph, but the peculiarity of this text is in the development that does not have a delimitation regarding the amount of paragraphs.

“However, more important than following a rigid structure is that there should be the exposition of certain and well-organized ideas about a certain theme” (Prof. Flávia Neves, Norma Culta website).

That is why I will speak so succinctly about the structure and then present more important aspects about this production. The following is the basic construction of the text:

  • Introduction (definition)
  • Development (information / exhibition)
  • Conclusion (synthesis of reaffirmation)

The introduction of the expository dissertation

What about starting a text in which expositions will be presented objectively and with no intention of persuasion, but merely informative?

As? Here is the question to be addressed here:

See the four tips on how to start my text?

Address the context of the subject, going from a broader to a more specific approach;

Get to the point, no one likes coiling;

Set the profile of your player to display an attention-getting intro;

Get to know the subject in depth.

If you are having trouble starting to write, ask the questions: What am I going to write about? and what is the purpose?

The answer to these questions, combined with the four above-mentioned tips will be a perfect introduction.

The development of the expository dissertation

As I have explained in this article, the development of the expository text has no delimitation regarding size.

In this part, explain more specifically each point to be presented. Be clear and objective, keep your text linear.

Below you will learn six resources that can be used to produce your expository essay text. To do so, we will use the parameter presented by Sabrina Vilarinho on the UOL World and Education website.







See below the details of each:


Presenting instructions is a great resource when the subject addresses a procedure.


All the expository text is informative, so bringing information in a systematically organized way will certainly give the text a characteristic of the genre.


It is the exposition of the characteristics of the subject addressed. To describe is to reconstitute something from words.


In defining something, we clarify the subject matter metalinguistically.


This is a feature that enables dynamic reading. Here you must sequentially present the information regarding what we are writing.


The best way to explain something to someone is by comparing it with what you already know.

The conclusion of the expository dissertation

As you have already noticed, the structure of an expository dissertation is quite simple. The conclusion is no different. Let’s see how easy it is:

“At the conclusion, there is a reaffirmation of the theme, with the synthesis of the contents addressed. There may be a position of the author regarding the subject matter. “(Prof. Flávia Neves, Norma Culta website).

This means that the conclusion should return to the subject matter developed in the introduction, summarizing and qualifying what was presented in the development. Regarding the “position of the author on the subject treated”, one should only take care not to end the text with argumentative nuance.

General aspects of his expository text

Like any text, especially when it is a dissertation, it is important to remember the characteristics of good production, which are:

  • Cohesion
  • Coherence
  • Linearity
  • Clarity
  • Conciseness
  • Objectivity
  • Informativeness
  • Grammar correction

Therefore, more than a well written text, worry that your text is read. Remember that the important thing is to present such a good text that serves the reader as a reason to continue reading.

Any questions you have regarding the subject, ask a question in the comments area just below.

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