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Being one of the mandatory elements of the monograph, knowing how to do the approval sheet is essential.

Although very simple to do, the completion work approval sheet can still cause doubts in many students. For example: what should be part of it? Where should it come from and what is the difference to the cover page? If you already have your work done in advance and preparing for the defense, it’s time to know how to do the approval sheet.

What is the TCC approval sheet?

The approval sheet is a pre-textual element (because it is before the main text of the monograph, during which its proposal is developed) mandatory of the work of conclusion of course. TCC Catalog (ABNT): what it is, how to do, example and model

It is in it, which is also known as the approval term, that the grade (the grade) conferred by the bank will be registered, with the due signature of each member. Therefore, you should follow some recommendations as to its formatting and composition.

How to make the CBT approval sheet?

The approval sheet uses some of the same elements that make up the cover page of the monograph: the full name of the student or student, title and subtitle of the work and its nature.

For those who have not yet made the title page, nature should cite the type of work, the name of the institution for which it is being presented, its purpose and, depending on the norms of the college, by whom it was addressed.

An example of the nature of the work would be: “Completion of course work presented to University X as a requirement to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Y, guided by ProfÂș So-and-so.”

If you have already done the cover page, the trainee can, in order to simplify the process, copy those three elements that they have in common with the approval sheet. Just remember to do it carefully to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

The difference is that the space between these elements should be reduced, since there must be room for the signatures of the examining board members and the date of defense of the course completion work.

The author or author of the monograph should place the name and title of the advisor and other members of the examining bank. The signature of each of these will be added after approval, on the day of the defense.

In the same way, the date will only be registered after the presentation, in case of approval of the work.

The spaces for adding this information are marked with lines (underline), easy to include in any text editor. In the case of the date, after two points (:), and in the signatures, above the names of the members of the bank.

What should be part of the approval sheet

To facilitate, we will organize the elements already mentioned in a list of everything that should be part of the approval sheet:

  • Full name of student or student;
  • Title and (if any) subtitle of the work;
  • The nature of the work, which includes:
  • Type (completion work, thesis, dissertation, report, etc.);
  • Course, college and / or university to which the work will be presented;
  • Purpose (obtaining degree, approval in discipline, etc);

If in your institution the supervisor’s name does not appear among the examining bank, include it here.

Date of approval, with space to be filled;

Name and title of each member of the examining board, with spaces for signatures.

For the most part, the formatting standards follow those on the cover page. But remember:

Title in body 14, bold, centered and in upper case;

The subtitle has the same size, but without the bold;

The nature of the work should be size 10, single spacing and 8 cm indentation from the left;

The author’s name must be in size 12, box high and centralized;

The date and identification of bankers use size 12 (Times) or 10 (Arial), but the names of the advisor and / or other teachers must be centralized.

Depending on the institution, there may be a difference in the formatting of the nature of the work. It is used both with left indentation (as in the cover sheet) and without (normal centered text).

As said, the inclusion of the supervisor in the examining bank depends on the institution. If this is the case, one should identify it as such, while the others may be described as members (of the bank) or examiners.

The best way to visualize the elements and format the approval sheet is through examples and templates, which can be found on the internet or in your institution’s library.

How to use the approval sheet after the defense?

You presented your work of completion, defended your thesis, the members of the banker signed the sheet and, most important of all, got the necessary degree! And now, how to use the approval sheet?

Once approved, the student must use the signed sheet – the endorsement – to produce the final version of the completion paper, which will include any changes recommended by the bank and the grade obtained.

Many institutions ask that the approver produce a hardcover version of the paper, especially in case of obtaining the maximum grade (note ten).

Each bound copy of the final version must contain one of the original signed signature sheets. That is why it is customary to print how many copies of it are necessary to take on the day of the defense.

Currently, a digital version of the final work is also required. This also includes the approval term, which must be scanned or scanned for its annexation.

Did you already know how to do the CBT approval sheet? If this article was helpful in some way to clarify this mandatory element, share it with your colleagues who may also have questions about it.

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